How to recover an unsaved Notepad file in Windows 11 10?

But the real pandamonium will hit next year, when they drag Clippy from the bit bucket and spruce it up with a little chatGPT. Don’t laugh – Clippy is coming, and it wants to talk to you. Pluma also allows you to rip tabs off for new windows. Some outlets are reporting this as an […]

Microsoft Notepad App for Windows 10

This affects the display of the main Language menu, and also affects the per-language tab settings. These define the margin style, border width, and edge settings. (This page is new in v7.9.2; in v7.9.1 and earlier, these settings were in the Editing page of the preferences. These influence editing (carets, code-folding, line wrapping, and more). […]

3 Possible Ways to Recover Overwritten Files on Your Windows PC

In this section you set your maximum accelerations and velocity. The stock config is configured fast – so if you are facing issues – you can tweak these values lower and then increase them as you finish tuning your printer. These are the highest values that klipper will allow regardless of what you may have […]